Decisions made

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Application for a Public Path Diversion Order for part of Footpath 714 in the Parish of Smannell ref: 297921/10/202121/10/2021Not for call-in
Refugee Resettlement and Support Contract Extension (less exempt appendix) ref: 296421/10/202130/10/20210
Traffic Order Proposals – 40mph Speed Limit at Sherfield-on-Loddon ref: 297718/10/202118/10/2021Not for call-in
Whitehill Bordon Outer Villages: Kingsley Traffic Calming Measures ref: 297614/09/202114/09/2021Not for call-in
Abbey Road/Shakespeare Road Pedestrian and Cycle Improvements Phase 2 Basingstoke ref: 297507/09/202107/09/2021Not for call-in
COVID Household Support Fund - Vouchers for October 2021 Half Term ref: 297418/10/202118/10/2021Not for call-in
Marnel Junior School, Additional funding to facilitate Contract Award with Greendale Construction ref: 297318/10/202118/10/2021Not for call-in
Test Valley Consolidation Traffic Regulation Order ref: 297205/08/202105/08/2021Not for call-in
Traffic Order Proposal : No Waiting at Any Time in Newgate Lane Fareham ref: 297129/07/202129/07/2021Not for call-in
Managing Hampshire's Built Estate ref: 296611/10/202122/10/2021Call-in expired
Woodcot Lodge Nursing Home ref: 296811/10/202122/10/2021Call-in expired
EII South Fire Precaution Improvements – post project completion report ref: 296711/10/202122/10/2021Call-in expired
Strategic Partner Spend Approval ref: 296511/10/202122/10/2021Call-in expired
Surplus Land at Heath Road, Locks Heath – Nutrient Mitigation Strategy ref: 296911/10/202122/10/2021Call-in expired
Property Services Asset Decisions ref: 297011/10/202122/10/2021Call-in expired
Hampshire Pension Fund – Cash Investments ref: 142627/09/202127/09/2021Not for call-in
Getting Going Again Fund Grant Scheme ref: 296301/10/202101/10/2021Not for call-in
Application for a Definitive Map Modification Order to record public footpath rights between Wych Lane and Gosport Footpath 510 - Bridgemary, Gosport (CR/976) ref: 296206/10/202106/10/2021Not for call-in