Officer decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
Extinguishment of public footpaths in the parish of Corhampton and Meonstoke 15/07/2021
Application for a Definitive Map Modification Order to record two public footpaths between Penton Mewsey Footpath 4 and Bridleway 8 Parish of Penton Mewsey 15/07/2021
Extinguishment Order in Kingslere Avenue, Leigh Park, Havant 15/07/2021
Creation of Public Footpath Rights and Extinguishment of part of Footpath 501 in the Parish West End 15/07/2021
Diversion of part of Footpath 13 in the Parish of Worldham and part of Bridleway 24 in the Parish Selborne 15/07/2021
Traffic Order Proposals : No Entry Prohibition of Right/Left Turns, Pedal Cycles and Pedestrians at Henry Cort Way Gosport 06/07/2021
Traffic Order Proposals : 30 and 40mph Speed Limits in Henry Cort Way Gosport 06/07/2021
Traffic Order Proposals : Prohibition of Right Turns at New Road, Hardley 17/06/2021
Project Appraisal: Whitehill Bordon STP: South East Loop (North Section) 21/05/2021
Project Appraisal - Winchester Road Corridor Andover 21/05/2021
Traffic Order Proposals : Leigh Road/Passfield Avenue Eastleigh – Prohibition of U-Turns 28/04/2021